The Beginning

In Cincinnati, a small group of entrepreneurs began gathering regularly to push their businesses forward. There, a group of three friends saw indicators of success beyond dollars and thought they could help the marketplace see it too. Using their own startup success as a basis, together they founded Ocean Accelerator.

Meet the OCEAN Founders

Three friends with one unified calling.

The effort and persistence required to successfully launch a business comes from a deeply intimate place. A startup is in many ways an extension of a founder’s identity. Conventional thinking urges an intense and exclusive focus on the business elements of the startup journey, but I’ve always found that to be incomplete.

I am unable to separate what I am building from who I am and what I believe. Ocean is an effort to address all dimensions of a founder—spiritual, physical, relational, and intellectual—as they strive to launch their venture.

Tim Brunk

Ocean was an opportunity to integrate faith into my business life in a way that felt authentic, natural and needed. For many entrepreneurs, starting a business – raising capital, building a team and winning early customers – is what drives a majority of their behaviors and actions. It drove mine.

However, I discovered that by investing in my Spiritual health, it became the most important tool to help navigate my journey. We (Tim, Tim and I) wanted to provide an environment to help others discover this and build their compass too.

Chad Reynolds

It was important for me to build a program for high character founders that are building great businesses but also want to maintain their personal relationships and grow in their faith. We wanted to counter the standard startup narrative that said if you’re to be successful it means giving up everything except the business, going completely “all in” until you’ve “made it.”

I was excited and felt called to help build an accelerator that would explore the role that faith can, and arguably should, play in building companies…which ultimately helps build the Kingdom.

Tim Metzner