Meaningful Connections

OCEAN companies gain significant exposure and opportunities to grow through a unique early Customer Network formed by partnerships with global corporations and purpose-driven organizations.

3 ways to connect

In partnership with global corporations and social organizations, OCEAN and Cintrifuse will facilitate introductions and project opportunities with target customers through 3 Programs.

Winning early customers can make or break any startup.

Early Adopters Program

Gain access to consumers from all over the world through a partnership with organizations and individuals who resonate with OCEAN’s mission. This is a unique opportunity to share your message with thousands who have willingly raised their hands.

STEP Program

“Startup Enterprise and Pilots” – Access high-level executives at global corporations/brands (who’ve indicated they are interested in working with startups) through an open connection platform in which promising startups get an opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

LEAP Program

“Linking Entrepreneurs and Pilots” – Participate in this one-of-a-kind national event that pairs promising startups with the opportunity for a pilot with major brands/corporations. This speeds up the innovation cycle and eliminates needless trial and error. VCs watch from the sidelines interested to see where the market is headed and who can solve real problems.