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What is Ocean?

Ocean is an independent business accelerator that is uniquely faith backed, focused on building into the founder. Our mission is to increase God’s presence in the marketplace by building into entrepreneurs. We accelerate entrepreneurs with knowledge, relationships, coaching and seed funding. Ocean is enhanced with a concurrent spiritual journey uniquely designed to develop the founder holistically setting them up for success in their personal life as well as their business.

Why Ocean?

The unique integration of proven start-up acceleration content and an examination of faith strongly appeals to start-ups from across the globe. Cincinnati is quickly becoming a premier location to build a business with low cost-of-living and access to a concentrated group of Fortune 100 companies. Just over half of our applicants come from outside Cincinnati with nearly one-third applying from outside the United States.

Our Method

Each startup receives a $50,000 seed investment in the form of a convertible note from Ocean Capital LLC, our investment arm to our program.


We provide high-engagement mentorship with over 100 Ocean Mentors and Subject Matter Experts providing guidance in fundraising, product design, go-to-market strategy, financials and much more. Each year our mentors donate an aggregate 500 hours of time to build into our founders.


Our program length is 20 weeks and includes monthly and weekly rhythms designed to springboard our companies into the marketplace.
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If you haven’t heard, we have moved!

Newly renovated 7,000 sq. ft. space located in downtown Cincinnati.